The historic Kalavryta

Kalavryta is one of the most historic cities of Achaia and is built to a height of 756 m, exactly where the ancient Kynetha is. Kalavryta is situated 77 km south of Patras and to get there you can follow either the root from Halandritsa or the root from Diakopto. A better way to visit Kalavryta is the wonderful journey Diakopto - Kalavryta with the Odontotos rack railway.

Kalavryta is a mountain town, just an hour from the beautiful beaches of Corinth, enabling visitors to combine vacations to mountain and sea.

Visitors of Kalavryta have the opportunity to visit important archaeological, historical and religious monuments such as:
The Aghia Lavra Holy Monastery is 5km. from Kalavryta and is founded in the 10th century by a hermit. In 1821 became the center of the national revolution against the Turkish with the raising of the Greek Revolution Banner and the inauguration of the fighters from Paleon Patron Germanos.

The most precious treasure that lies at the monastery is the Greek Revolution Banner of the swearing of the fighters of 1821, ie the first flag of the Greek nation, the Epitaph of 1754 embroidered in Smyrna, the icon of St. George embroidered in Istanbul from Kokona of Rologa, priceless gospel book donated by Katherine II the Great of Russia, gold-embroidered vestments of Paleon Patron Germanos, woodcut crosses and shrines of saints.

The Great Cave 'Mega Spilaeon'. The great monastery is located at the 10th km of the road Kalavryta - Punta – National Road Patras - Athens and is built in a stunning landscape at the entrance of a natural cave at a height of 924 meters.

Vouraikos Gorge - Odontotos rack railway. The Odontotos rack railway Diakopto - Kalavryta and the beautiful path through the gorge of Vouraikos are one of the most beautiful natural attractions of our country, and has been described as the most spectacular railway line in the Balkans. The most distinctive element of the gorge is the little train that runs through it from edge to edge. Diakopto is 22 km away from Kalavryta and the journey takes an hour.

Cave of the Lakes (Spilaeo Lemnon). The Cave of Lakes is located near to village of Kastria at Municipality of Lefkasiou, on the provincial road of Patras-Kalavryta-Kleitoria-Tripoli. It is nearly 17 km from the town of Kalavryta, 9km from Klitoria and 60 km from Tripoli. The cave is one of the rarest creations of nature, offering labyrinth of corridors, mysterious arcade and special stalactites formations.

Site of Sacrifice, is one of the distinctive monuments of the city, is located at the east side of Kalavryta city, 500 meters from the center, at the hill of Kapi to the way of the Ski Center.

The Ski Center is 14km. away from Kalavryta's city, is very well organized and receives 100,000 visitors each year and most of them are young and all levels of skiers.

Distances from Kalavryta (in km):
Kalavryta Ski Center: 14
Aghia Lavra Holy Monastery: 5
Great Cave 'Mega Spilaeon' : 10
Cave of the Lakes: 15

The Chrysa Guesthouse is below the Odontotos rack railway station and few minutes from the main square of Kalavryta.